My Fitness Journey

It has taken me a long time to write a post like this but lately I’m feeling more comfortable with my body and this has helped me to put pen to paper. I always feel as a PT and health and fitness blogger that I should be naturally talented athlete. Slim but athletic, 6 pack abs and flexible as a yogi. In truth I’m not. I’m average but you know what that’s OK.

So lets go back to the very beginning, I have never been really successful at sports. As a child, I was an average horse rider who had more guts than most. This got me a little further than most but never far enough to be more than a hobby.

I eventually took up rugby in my local club and I fell in love! It was the first team sport that I played and I loved the camaraderie, the skill, the physical strength to compete with another person! I played rugby for about 10 years in various clubs and at various positions. I even coached I’d loved it so much. I was also running at this stage a few 5kms here and there. Then I took on my first big challenge, a FULL MARATHON! Since then I have done more 5kms, 10kms and 1/2 marathons. I have also done a triathlon, adventure race and a charity cycle! So lots of variety and not a lot of structure.

Finish line celebrations
After our charity cycle

During my Personal Trainer Certification, I was doing work experience at a gym. It was a real weight lifting gym, the power lifters, body builders and Olympic lifters all had their own little routines and training times. To say I was intimidated was an understatement. So I got a PT and started lifting weights. I wish this was a fairy tale story where I got lean and strong PB’d all my lifts and was happy. Unfortunately it’s not. I ended up feeling worse about myself; I was too fat, I was too weak, I wasn’t muscled enough. This constant talk was ruining my training, social life and my relationship. I was so confused!

Too fat? Too skinny? Definitely not happy!

Then in November 2016, I got hit by a car. Ironically I was going to training when it happened! Well, it put the brakes on. A fractured elbow, soft tissue damage, bruising and muscle strain meant I was looking at a long recovery. To be honest it was probably the best thing to happen. I re-evaluated my training, my nutrition (more on that later) and my outlook.

I moved to a different gym, my goals for 2017 are:

  1. to be able to do a pull up
  2. to be able to do a handstand
  3. to enjoy moving my body everyday

This goals might shock some people. A PT that can’t do a pull up? For me fitness is not about results or numbers, it is about exploring, learning and challenging. If we all explored, learned or challenged ourselves a little more what a different world we live in. I have accepted my body and its limitations and more importantly it’s achievements. will you embrace yours?

Thanks for reading!

Stay healthy X


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