Egg-cellent healthy Easter activities

Hope you found last week’s article on healthy alternatives to Easter eggs helpful and let me know if you decide to try out the suggestions. Of course spending time with your family or friends is a great idea for long weekends. So I have compiled a list of egg-citing activities you can get up to this Easter!

If the kiddies wake up excited you could kick off Sunday with an Easter egg hunt! Clues could include an activity they must do like dancing to the radio for 5 minutes before they get their next clue. Try and include as much activity as possible and don’t limit the eggs to the chocolate variety. Include hard boiled eggs (suggestions for these later!) with rabbits drawn on, carrots for the rabbits or toy chicks or chickens!

Hard boiled egg
Novelty eggs for a healthy egg hunt

With everyone having worked up an appetite it’s time to move on to breakfast. The obvious choice here is eggs but instead of cracking the shells, make a small hole at both ends with a pin and blow out the contents. Kids can help if they are careful not to break the shells. These eggs can be used to make scrambled eggs with salmon or rashers, cinnamon French toast or a big frittata with veggie fillings. Now for the fun part! Place the hollow eggs from the breakfast into egg cups and allow kids to paint their own eggs, these eggs can be given as gifts to other family members and are a great way to keep the kids quiet for a few hours! The hard-boiled eggs used in the egg hunt can be shelled and decorated to make little chicks or rabbits.

Egg chicks
Hard boiled eggs, shelled decorated an ready to eat!

After a filling breakfast, it’s time to head outdoors and there is some great things to do around the midlands this Easter. First up is Glendeer Pet Farm in Athlone, where Easter egg hunts will take place from the 15th – 17th at 3pm. Birr Castle are also hosting an egg hunt at 12pm with the first 200 kids through the gates allowed to enter. Down the road in Mullingar, Belvedere House is also holding egg hunts for the Easter weekend.

For something a little different why not check out the JCB Dancing Diggers in Molloy’s Quarry just outside of Tullamore. The show is part of the construction exhibition from the 21st – 22nd of April. Lastly get your feet off the ground in County Roscommon with the Lough Key Zip line.

So no matter what you choose get out, get active and get healthy!

Happy Easter!


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