Naughty or Nice Christmas Treats

So it’s that time of the year again. I love nothing more than spending all day hunting for that perfect present, cosy scarves, hats and winter noses. So with present in hand my thoughts always turn to warming drinks to indulge and defrost!Now most people know I am an absolute addict for coffee so this post is centred around that yummy cup of happiness. To help you make one more healthier choice around Christmas I’ve picked the worst winter warmers and some tips to help you stay on track for the festive season!

So first up is Starbucks, their seasonal range includes a Gingerbread Latte. My motto is go big or go home so chose the Grande size with skimmed milk.  This indulgent treat comes in at 350 kcalories with with 6.4g of saturated fat and a whooping 54.2g of sugar! Now of course some of that sugar is going to be from lactose but no where near the full amount shown here!

So on to Insomnia another popular coffee chain in Ireland. The coffee lovers naughty option here is another gingerbread flavoured coffee, well it is Christmas! Insomnia’s Grande Gingerbread Latte is slightly less sugar laden with  38.5g of sugar. It also has a much reduced saturated fat content of 0.03g and 319 kcalories.

Costa again offer a Gingerbread Latte for their seasonal menu. This latte is probably the best option for an indulgent treat. Its got 276 kcalories with just 3 teaspoons of sugar (11.8g). But it does have the highest saturated fat content of all the lattes at 9g.

If coffee isn’t you’re cup of tea (sorry terrible pun!) I’ve also found some hot chocolates that should be on the naughty list! Starbucks offering for the non coffee drinkers is the Grande Fudge Hot Chocolate. This hot chocolate has less calories (332 kcals) and sugar (39.4g) but more saturated fat (6.8g) than the latte. Isomnia’s Grande Almond White Hot Chocolate, is over a quarter of your daily calorie intake at 533 kcalories. It has also got a mountain of sugar of 65.4g, that is the equivalent of 16 teaspoons of sugar! Costa’s take on festive hot chocolates include a Mint Hot Chocolate. This Grande has the highest kcalorie content (537 kcals) and compares to the Almond White Hot Chocolate with a similar 16 teaspoons of sugar (63.6g).

So there you have it the naughty list for 2016! I’m not saying you shouldn’t treat yourself this festive season but be mindful of how much additional calories you are consuming. By being mindful choosing the smallest option without whipped cream or additional extras you can stay on track and enjoy some treats. My philosophy has always been to enjoy the occasional treat but just not every day!

Please comment below and let me know if you found this post helpful!

Stay Healthy X





2 thoughts on “Naughty or Nice Christmas Treats

  1. I remember last year in Starbucks they had a mulled fruit hot drink for sale that I absolutely adored! But there was so much sugar in it, even BBC news did a feature. It supposedly had 25 teaspoons of sugar or 99 grams in the venti size. Needless to say, they didn’t bring it back this year after the uproar!

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