Top Tips for a Healthy Christmas

The Christmas season is in full swing and if you’re not snowed under with presents or social commitments you might be snowed under with all the food surrounding Christmas! Quality Street, Roses, turkey, ham, four types of potatoes, sides and drinks! And that’s just for the main event! It can all be a bit overwhelming, overeating is almost guaranteed and if left unchecked over the holidays can quickly derail your fitness goals. I have put together 15 top tips to help keep you on track and your goals insight!

  1. Pick a protein breakfast
  2. Eat and chew slowly
  3. Allow 20 minutes to recognise feeling full
  4. Bring your own healthy side to a buffet or a pot luck  dinner
  5. Fill up on fibre
  6. Don’t forget to drink water! And if you are drinking alcohol try alternating drinks to stay hydrated
  7. Avoid white bread, pasta or rice. Choose brown or wholemeal where possible
  8. Invest in some tupperware and either freeze or give away your leftovers
  9. Set realistic goals for New Years. Write down these goals and put it somewhere you will see it regularly. If you need help with goal setting why not get in contact with me!
  10. Try to stick to a good sleep routine. This will help you to avoid using caffeine and sugar to keep your energy levels steady.
  11. Grab a partner and do some exercise. Country walks, games or even some twister can help you get up and moving!
  12. Try stick to your normal exercise schedule. If you normally attend a fitness class try to keep that routine. Or if you exercise solo even fitting in a shorter workout is better than doing nothing at all!
  13. My last tip is to put treats and chocolates out of sight. Allow yourself some treats but after you have had one or two chocolates close the box and move them away. This helps you to steer clear of mindless eating and keeps your fitness goals on point!

What is your secrets to surviving the festive season? Comment below and let me know! Looking forward to reading your tips, as always……

Stay Healthy X



2 thoughts on “Top Tips for a Healthy Christmas

  1. One tip I have is if you do give into the temptation of eating sweets, keep all the wrappers in front of you. It can be easy to mindlessly eat and forget how many calories you ate. But when faced with a mountain of wrappers, it will give you an indication of how much you ate. Lots of people just scrunch up the wrappers or put them back in the box ( those people are the worst!) and don’t really think about how much they ate. Having the wrappers beside you should help you have some restraint!

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