Grab a cuppa, its time for a catch up!

So if you’ve read the blog before, welcome back! Grab a cup of your favourite tipple and join me for a catch up. If your new to the blog welcome in grab a warm cuppa and let us get to know each other.

So its been over four months since I wrote, Breaking up is harder than quitting sugar. And boy a lot has happened. So back in May, I was starting my first set of exams for my personal trainer certificate, was kind of working two jobs and was in the process of moving house! Small bit stressful you’d say! So to take some pressure off I took a little break from blogging. But I’m back and hopefully better than ever!

So firstly, I passed the first set of exams and I’m just waiting on results from the second set. My biggest news is that this week, I hung up my waitress uniform and now every morning I get dressed to go to the gym, because that’s where I work now! So goal number one achieved! You can expect plenty more workouts on the blog from now on. Don’t worry I will still include home workouts because that’s what the tiny flat is about. I still believe fitness is for everyone with every budget!

So I also moved about three months ago. I am now living in another part of the city. And I love it! I’m a short drive to the Dublin mountains, have two parks on my doorstep and a massive green area in my housing estate. The cycle to work is longer but I really don’t mind! My morning cycle has always been me time. I mull over the to do list, the issues of the day and begin to write blog posts or workouts in my head! And sometimes I just sing a song that’s stuck in my head! The other plus about the house, is the kitchen its fecking amazing. As in you don’t bag the oven door off the fridge and have to be standing to the side to check the food! So once I work out my new schedule I’m going to start putting up recipes again.

What else have I gotten up to, a parachute jump and did my first adventure race. I think its an official diagnosis at this stage, I am a pure adrenaline junkie! I loved both and it will definitely not be last time I do either!

So a busy summer, lots of change and all of it positive! Remember if you mess up, get up, learn from it and move on!

So till next week,

Stay Healthy X


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