How to win friends with salad!

As Homer Simpson once said “you don’t win friends with salad!” Or do you? (And not just crazy vegetarian friends!) Below are a collection of recipes I found and all of these recipes are from Irish foodies! there are some epic recipes here even some to wow your meat eating vegetable shy friends!

Jamie has a beautiful strawberry and poppy seed salad.
Katia has a selection of salad recipes but the one that is perfect for BBQ season is her steak salad.
Mira also had a great selection of salads. There are a little bit fancier for when you are really trying to impress!
We all love a bit of Chinese food, all that flavour is just yum. So Frances put together this recipe for Asian noodle salad!
Back to another collection and Donna has recipes to cover both savoury and sweet tastes! A real crowd pleaser!
Lastly is Conor’s Big Ass Salad! You probably won’t get a big ass from eating it but it will definitely fill you up!

So thats just a few of my favourites. Why not check out these amazing blogs and recipes and beautify that salad of yours! Why not tag me on social media with your creations? Or let me know what your  favourite is?

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