Siam Thai Nutrition Talk


So as most of you know I am currently studying to be a personal trainer and I have a huge interest in nutrition. So when an opportunity arises to gain a little more knowledge I am always willing! This happened in the form of a Siam Thai nutrition talk with Gaye Godkin last week in Dundrum. I really enjoyed this talk as it was down to earth, no nonsense or jargon and very relateable to everyday. And while our brains were being worked with loads of new information our taste buds were tickled with a range of new dishes at the restaurant. These dishes have been designed with input from Gaye and the authentic Thai chefs. The result was a starter that was bursting with fresh vegetables and great flavour. My tofu pad thai main was amazing and the portion was huge!

So onto the education! Gaye talked us through some healthy eating habits and was happy to answer our multitude of questions at the end. The main take home message from the talk were:

Food habits in childhood are there for a lifetime so we really need to be mindful of what we are feeding our little ones.

The number one tip Gaye had for the evening was that you should never leave the house without having breakfast and ideally it should be eaten within one hour of waking. This is important as it revs up your metabolism, fuels you for the day and helps you make better decisions throughout the day. I know my sister can’t stand anything first thing in the morning so maybe a small piece of fruit might be helpful here. Below is a few more tips from Gaye’s talk:

  • Good food is good fuel
  • Make sure there are no long gaps between meals as this effects blood sugar levels!
  • We need to increase consumption of fruit and vegetables. Currently we are eating just two portions and this needs to increase to give or more.
  • Choose protein with every meal, this helps to fill you up and provides essential nutrients for the body.
  • Watch your consumption of sugar and simple carbohydrates of course if you are reading this blog, you are aware of my view on the dangers of sugars.
  • Eat more fibre rich foods and increase foods from the animal kingdom.
  • There are good and bad fats but fats are essential (just choose the good ones!). Good fats include olive oil, coconut oil and avocados. But there are many other sources! Stay posted for a blog post on the good fats you should be eating!

So that’s a basic summary of the topics Gaye covered. This is only the very start of a widely complicated and sometimes controversial subject. The important thing is that we are trying to make better choices and education is key. The odd meal out or cheat meal will not ruin your healthy lifestyle; it is what you put in your trolley or eat 7 days a week that determines your health.

What do you put in your trolley? Or what’s your favourite cheat meal? Let me know and don’t forget to follow me on social media!

Stay healthy X



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