How to get more exercise without trying!

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We all know we should work out. But how many time have you signed up to a gym, done a boot camp or made promises to only stop working out after a few weeks? I am guilty as charged when it comes to this. I once filled out a complete form including medical at a cross-fit gym to only do one session. The truth I hated it.

So my number one tip is to find an exercise you will love doing. For me its running. Sure I might take a break or take up other exercise but like a relapsing addict I will always go back. As a human race we were designed to move but in the modern world we sit in our cars while we commute, sit at our desk while we work and in the evening if we are lucky we sit on machines in the gym doing exercises. I am a firm believer in functional movement so think of all the movements kids do. Crawling, climbing, twisting, turning and running, treat exercise like play!

If you think you won’t have time just look at lean in 15 or fitness blender, they have a proven track record of getting fit in under 30 minutes and this is backed up by research. Studies have shown, 30 mins is optimal for fat loss, increasing aerobic activity and lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease.

So can you afford 30 minutes out of your day? If not how about 10 minutes 3 times a day? Doing jumping jacks for 5-10 minutes can burn 90 calories, it is a good aerobic work out. How about squats while brushing your teeth? Lower your butt to the rim of the bath, don’t sit but stand straight back up again! If your child gets dropped to lessons or sports training and you normally sit in the car for an hour scrolling through facebook. How bout going for a walk around the block or pitch? Just wrap up warm and get moving!

HIIT workouts are a great way to bild lean muscle and get your metabolism firing. Most of the time you need a little space and an internet connection! Motivational music is not necessary but always recommended!

No matter what your exercise choice, walking, running or weight lifting the key is that we move more, preferably everyday. If you are competitive consider investing in a fitbit or activity tracker and try and beat your daily steps goal. Strava is a great app that you can use for cycling or running and this pits you against a whole community. Can you cycle your commute faster than your next door neighbour or the hot guy down the road? Need more motivation than that.

So don’t wait till tomorrow, the sun is shining so get out and enjoy moving!

Stay healthy X


2 thoughts on “How to get more exercise without trying!

  1. I love this I’m such a lazy person but I’m always on my feet and climbing ladders at work and I try to walk home from college too cos it’s although its a long walk (3 miles) its also a really nice one. I take detours through the park sometimes too to add a few mins and get away from the cars 🙂 My problem is I dont do much in winter cos I only like exercising outdoors!

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