Mindful Monday

Hi everyone,

Hope you had a good Easter and didn’t eat too many chocolate eggs! So I had a post planned for today with some information about natural sugars and why there is a trend to use these instead of refined sugar.

But then I had a crappy day. Like really crappy. It started alright but just went rapidly downhill. I was meant to run but a bit of persistent pain in my right knee is not giving me any encouragement! And work was crap, I was lonely and I was tired. The excuses just snowballed and I felt worse. I got caught in a complete cycle of negative self-talk. I’m fat, I’m useless, I’m so unfit, I should have trained, I’m lazy and just nasty thoughts to myself. When I get like this I do one thing. Retreat to my bed. You might be surprised by that. I shut out the world I don’t want to talk to anyone or do anything. This is usually followed by a massive binge. I’ll eat everything and anything! Good job I didn’t get any Easter eggs! So I napped for an hour checked out social media and still felt like the saddest person in the world. I kept looking out the window, the sun was shining I could hear the birds. It was like they were taunting me!

I’m trying to improve my negative self-talk so at 6:30pm I decided not to waste the last of the sunshine. Hardest part getting up, I knew I wasn’t going to run because of my knee and to be brutally honest I just wasn’t in the mood. I wanted gentle wandering exercise, good for my dodgey knee and good for the mind! So decided on a walk. I walked for two hours around a local park. Now I’m not saying I had a moment of enlightenment or anything like that. My sister rang I had a good chat, started to feel better. I had a massive healthy dinner, I probably ate too much but my theory was that if I left room I’d make bad choices! So although not little miss sunshine, I’m a little more settled.

mindfulness 1
Picture: Pinterest

I decided to write all of this down I really want people to know that it’s ok to feel down but just don’t let negative thoughts overshadow your mind! So its three days since I’ve run, my training plan is non-existent but that’s ok. I’ll get there. Remember progress is better than perfect!

Love yourself and stay healthy X


6 thoughts on “Mindful Monday

  1. We all have days like that, but it takes real motivation to pick yourself up and just keep moving on, and that’s what you did! I am also the same way where if I am feeling lonely or sad I just want to eat something that will make me feel better and then just eat the rest of the fridge. Usually I try to leave the house, so that I don’t have that option. I think the walk was a really good idea. Maybe try strength training next time that you can’t run 🙂 It’s a great workout and won’t hurt your knees.

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  2. Listen honey..being down is part of any day…I went out with a lovely girl called Maria and she used to say no negative Nelly just a positive Paula..that’s you !


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