The insiders guide to food labels

Imagine you’re in the supermarket, trying to make healthier choices, you pick up a jar of sauce and wait; when did you need a science degree to figure out if it is good for you or not! Fear not this cheats guide is here to help, promise you don’t need a degree of any kind!

First up always look at the per 100g information. Why? Every product will have a 100g/ml information this makes comparing products easier!

So the main thing we are concerned about is the sugar content. Now this is where it gets kind of tricky. There is no legislation in Ireland, yet, that specifies if the sugar content is added or natural. However there are some tricks to help you decide. You are aiming for less than 5g but its ok to choose products with between 5-15g of sugar! And if looking at dairy remember the first 5g of yogurt is lactose, a natural sugar. So your pot of Glenisk Greek style yogurt has just 5g of lactose but Glenisk low fat vanilla actually has 6g of added sugar.

Sugar content

For drinks you should be aiming for under half of this, or 7.5g as a max! So step away from the coke!

Next up look at the ingredients these are always listed in the descending order of weight. So if sugar is listed in the top five ingredients it’s probably added/refined sugar. Be careful, remember sugar has 50+ names.



corrected food label

The simple rules I follow:

  1. Avoid processed foods
  2. Avoid if it has more than seven ingredients
  3. Avoid if it has over 10g of sugar
  4. Avoid if it has ingredients that you can’t pronounce
  5. Avoid artificial sweeteners

Note that I have said avoid here, I’m not perfect. We are all human and occasionally we will eat food stuff that is not ideal or has a little too much sugar. But occasionally is okay, it’s when your habit becomes daily or more than once a day it’s harmful.

Remember aim for progress not perfection!

Stay healthy X


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