Healthy Lunch or Sugar Munch?

Hi Everybody,

Last week we talked about the hidden sugars in breakfast cereals. If you have made one swap this week, even from a high sugar cereal to a low one, well done! If you made the big step and moved to porridge, wow!

So today I’m going to look at the sugar in common lunch items. For this post I looked at the sugar content of some breads for sandwiches, soup because it should be filling and healthy, and yogurt! I think this is a rounded lunch and typical enough of what most people eat. Let’s get started!


When I did my research most breads tended to be in around the 2g of sugar per 100g. Brennan’s wholemeal and wholegrain breads had the lowest sugar content by slice. So two slices will only equate to ½ teaspoon of sugar! However, the white versions of these breads, as you could guess, not so healthy. Pat the Baker White bread had 1.4g of sugar per slice, so for two slices it 3g which is just under a teaspoon. I know sliced bread is convenient and some things there is no substitute for, like toasties! But make the swap from white to brown will save you grams of sugar. Even better bake your own bread or buy some good quality rye or sourdough from a bakers.


I love a good bowl of vegetable soup, in winter this is my go to food! For this I compared the dried and the tinned soups. Knorr had four three representatives and Heinz had one tinned soup. The Knorr soup surprised me, the low calorie soup and the big packets both contained 1g of sugar per 100g but the autumn vegetable range contained 2.9g per 100g or two teaspoons per serving. The Heinz tinned soup unfortunately had more sugar, 3.2 g per 100g! With a smaller serving size from Heinz it’s still a hefty 1.5 teaspoons of sugar.

Healthy Soup Recipes

Spiced sweet potato and carrot soup

Sweet potato soup with ginger

Potato and kale soup


The important thing to remember when assessing the sugar content of yogurts is that the first 4-5g of sugar is actually lactose. Unless you are lactose intolerant you will have no issues with this type of natural sugar! So on to the products Glenisk Low fat Vanilla yogurt contains 11g per 100g that’s 6g of added sugar or 1.5 teaspoons! The Onken Vanilla yogurt contained 1g extra of added sugar. Activia Vanilla yogurt is served in 125g servings and this equals 9.5g of sugar or teaspoon of added sugar. Actimel is 10.5g of sugar per 100g servig! That’s 2.5 teaspoons of sugar!

vanilla yogurt

Glenisk greek style is just 5g of sugar per 100g. Why not skip the favoured yogurt and flavour it yourself. Some suggestions are vanilla essence, frozen berries, raw cacaoa or even some peanut butter!

greek yogurt 2

So I know these quantities don’t seem like a lot but this all adds up. The bread, soup and yogurt would put you over half way to your recommended intake of 6 teaspoons of added sugar a day. So what is your lunch? Healthy or sugar munch?

Next week I’ll be looking at popular dinner sauces so stay posted to see if you are sugar angel or devil?

Stay healthy X


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