What to do after binge eating

Stay Positive

Hi everybody,

We have all had those days when a cheat meal turns into a cheat day or you swear you are only having one biscuit but manage the whole packet. Well I’ve had one of those weeks! First it was Valentine’s day followed by my birthday! Yea, lots of celebrations which usually means I eat out and relax my healthy eating lifestyle a little bit. I have also started training for a marathon and as the miles have increased so has my appetite. So being a little bit lazy with my diet has meant that I haven’t made the best choices nutritionally. There was chips and garlic sauce on more than one occasion and I have been trialling dark chocolate recipes so that means lots of tasting!

Then I was home on Thursday and holy God! My Ma is a legend! All I can say is chocolate raisins in the fruit bowl. So this started a huge downward spiral, broken up with a fast 6 mile run! I managed some healthy meals on Thursday but after meeting a friend for tea, no biscuits or sugar before you ask! I drove past a Chinese takeaway. This takeaway is like a landmark to me and James and its some of our favourite food from when we started going out. So I went in a bought chicken goujons, chips and garlic sauce. They were so good, but not so healthy. At home my sister suggested more tea, well we are Irish. So kettle on biscuits out, its tradition. Now I haven’t eaten biscuits since Christmas but let’s just say I made up for it!

Anyway, so firstly, I am human we all have not so perfect days and below are some tips that I find help after a food binge.

Firstly, love yourself! Yes you ate loads but negative self-talk will only hinder your future progress. Learn from the experience; are you an emotional eater or just not organised enough. Honestly I am a combination of the two of these. So if it’s linked to emotions, talk to someone, hug it out and just remember your eating habits does not define you! And keep the chat positive, “Yes I ate two dinners but I stuck to my training plan so that’s a positive!”

Get moving now I’m not suggesting a run but some gentle yoga or a walk can be really good to ease that bloated feeling. Gentle exercising will speed up digestion, help to even out your blood sugar and twisting yoga poses can also aid digestion.

Hydrate whether this is with herbal teas or plain water, this will help combat bloat and also speed up digestion. Ginger, peppermint and fennel are known to aid digestive discomfort. So get supping!

Lastly plan your next meal, for me this was my breakfast on Friday morning. I stuck with my usual porridge and despite being stuffed I soaked my breakfast and planned my lunch for the next day. It is really important that you refocus as soon as possible so that a dodgey day doesn’t turn into a dodgey week and derail your good intentions. Today I managed to stick to just one slice of commercial bread, no added sugar and two pieces of fruit. And I know tomorrow will be better.

Be stronger than any excuse

So if you ever fall off the bandwagon just remember you are human, we are all not perfect! Tomorrow is another day, learn from this experience and move on. I know I will be better tomorrow with more healthy nutritious food to fuel my training. So remember………

Stay healthy X


6 thoughts on “What to do after binge eating

  1. I really relate to this post! After a great 2 weeks I cracked yesterday and had a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows plus massive bit of cake. Struggled with the food demons for a bit but managed to put it into perspective. Like your mantra ‘love yourself’ x

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  2. That’s a great post! I think people (including myself) fall into the failure trap – where one deviation from the diet and then we spiral into a never-ending shame fest where we just end up eating more! Love the tips you gave! So simple but actionable!

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