Confessions of a Sugar Addict

I thought I would write a personal post for everyone this week. I have a confession to make. It goes way back to Lent 2011. I was living in Ennniskillen with my best friend and we were both in college. So for lent we decided to give up jellies (me) and coke (him), he had a serious addiction, I was in denial. So we started on Ash Wednesday and honestly for about a week I was fine.
But then I had this huge craving for sugar, I drove to the shop and bought a huge packet of jellies. I ate them all, in the car, in the carpark. Then I drove home and said nothing! Lied to my best friend, the shame and guilt. And this was just the start of a secret eating habit that I had up until very recently.
I had stashes of jellies around the house, if he ever went home I’d buy huge quantities and have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner!  I would literally eat jellies till I felt sick. I avoided Haribo because the glazing agent didn’t agree with me in huge quantities. I loved Natural Confectionery Company jellies, they’re healthy right? Everybody got chocolate eggs at Easter but I got packets of jellytots or my favourite jelly at the time.  I can admit it I had a serious addiction to sugar and I was suffering for it. My skin was terrible, I had no energy, I needed daily naps, caffeine and sugar hits just to get through the day.
So that was me at my worst. When did it change? There was no moment of enlightenment, there was just a gradual realisation that my sugar habit wasn’t healthy. But I have to say the final moment came just before I went to New Zealand, James had bought me tickets to my favourite band. We were staying in a hotel and getting ready for the gig. We took a few photos, as you do! And even with makeup on my skin was terrible and I looked haggard. I thought if this is what my outside looks like what does the inside look like?!
It was in New Zealand, buying and cooking my own food that I really became passionate about giving up sugar. I watched Robert Lustig’s talk, Sugar: The Bitter Truth and That Sugar Film to motivate myself. And one day just quit. So that started my sugar journey, it hasn’t been easy and yes sometimes I slip up but I’m working on being better not perfect. For me this is a lifestyle not a diet.
So the two things I want you to take from this blog post are:
It is never too late to start. If you start today, tomorrow you will be one step closer to your goal than you are today! Maybe it’s cutting out sugar in your tea or quitting soft drinks. But whatever it is you will be glad you stopped today! Remember even small changes count and it is these small changes that add up into big change.

And if one day you eat a snickers or a packet of biscuits, don’t worry. Start over. Strive for progress not perfection. We are all human and we all make mistakes, make tomorrow a better day!
I would love to hear your confessions or what has motivated you to quit sugar or eat more real foods!
Stay healthy X


8 thoughts on “Confessions of a Sugar Addict

  1. Love this post! You are so right! Progress not perfection really is the best way to tackle this. People think they have completely ruined their health kick if they have one small treat. I always think – enjoy your indulgence, don’t dwell on it and move on. People who have that attitude rarely have issues with their weight.

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  2. I’m a total sugar addict. I gave it up four days ago and finding it so difficult! My cravings are peaking and I don’t feel any different in myself! Please tell me it gets better!

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