2016 Year of Pulses!

Good news, the UN has announced 2016 as the international year of pulses! Vegans and vegetarians are celebrating all over the world. Well kind of, OK not really. I might be the only one excited about this!


Lentils are having a major moment after being named as one of the superfoods for 2016, its family has now been awarded a whole year of celebration.

Pulses actually describes the leguminous vegetables, included on the long list are pinto, kidney, broad and butter beans, dry peas, chickpeas and our hero lentils!

There are a number of reasons why pulses are so important from an economical point of view to a nutrition perspective. They also have nitrogen fixing qualities so are a power house in agricultural terms too. Nutritionally these foods, are a source of protein, contain complex carbohydrates, plenty of fibre, vitamins and minerals and contain no fat or cholesterol.

Why not check out my recipe for mixed bean stew? And I will be sure to post some recipes for our “new” superfood, lentils!

Stay healthy X


One thought on “2016 Year of Pulses!

  1. My number one comfort dish during the winter is a chickpea, chicken and chorizo casserole. I put loads of smoked paprika in it. It tastes amazing! And the chickpeas make it so cheap to make. Definitely a winner for me!

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