Stay sugar free – some tips!

I always struggle for good tips when trying to stay sugar free here are some of my tips plus a few extra from blogs or websites I have read.

My number one tip is to always have breakfast. This kick starts your metabolism and fuels you for the day. I always have porridge because there is so many options, overnight oats, topped with granola, soaked with chia, topped with fruit and get one of your five a day. If you’re not a morning person why not invest in a cute mason jar from and bring it to work? This will stop you from reaching for the sugary pastry at 11am. And for a protein hit if you work out in the morning or just really like eggs, egg in a cup with some herbs and coconut oil is ideal. If that’s a bit messy for the bus into town try a wholemeal pita, lightly toasted with scramble eggs, wrap in tinfoil and munch on the go.

So this brings me onto lunch and dinner. Here I try to eat whole foods that nourish the body. Lots of leafy green vegetables and some lean protein. By eating whole foods you cut out the added sugars, artificial colours and preservatives. So instead of buying the jar of pasta sauce and really easy alternative is to use a carton of passata with two tablespoons of tomato puree to create your own sauce. Add in herbs, spices, garlic and onions to create your own unique blend. If you are having snacks instead of the orange juice just eat an orange, the fibre will keep you fuller for longer, you get a nutrient boost and it’s cheaper.

YES you can have chocolate! Just make sure its 85% cacao. I have a packet of raw cacao (found in most health food shops) and I use it for everything, healthy hot chocolate, chocolate Greek yogurt, chocolate overnight oats and chai chocolate pudding for dessert or breakfast! Also have come up with a super snack if you are craving something sweet at night. Try a tablespoon of coconut oil mixed with some cacao powder. Spread this on toast, it’s almost like Nutella but a whole lot healthier.

My go to ingredient for that healthy chocolate hit!

Tip number four, always always read the food label. Sugar has 61 alternative names when used on a food label, now you don’t need to know them all (it’s not a test!). Generally speaking anything over 20g of sugar per 100g of produce is high, under 5g is quite low. The first 4-5g of dairy products tends to be lactose, which is a natural sugar. Try to avoid foods that have sugar in the first four or five ingredients. Similarly low fat foods can be filled with sugar, by removing fat you remove some of the taste so to make it tasty again companies add in more sugar. Just beware!

Don’t drink your sugar so the likes of soft drinks, sports drinks and flavoured/sugared beverages have to go. Some hot chocolate is up to 40% sugar in content and some commercial coffees shops add staggering amounts of sugar. So try to stick to water, flavour it with some lemon, lime or frozen berries. These are really cheap from Lidl and are a much healthier alternative.

Lastly, have a special treat once in a while. So it’s your best friends birthday eat the cake! Or keep that luxury ice-cream for a weekend. I find it easier and more sustainable if I know I can have the occasional treat. We always have a cheat meal it usually doubles up as date night and it definitely helps to keep me on track for the week.

So there is my tips. Have you any? What keeps you motivated or what’s your favourite sugar free treat?

Stay healthy X


9 thoughts on “Stay sugar free – some tips!

  1. Loving the idea of a wholemeal pita, lightly toasted with scramble eggs, wrapped in tinfoil and taking it with me to work. I eat porridge a lot and prepare it in different ways but after a while I get sick of it so it’s good to have an alternative. Also the tablespoon of coconut oil mixed with some cacao powder sounds delicious!

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  2. Brill tips Martina!
    I’m deffo trying that “nutella” recipe! Definitely the key to staying healthy is being organised, it doesn’t have to be a week in advance, even if it’s just the next meal. And brekkie is soooo important. My only problem with porridge is that it doesn’t keep me full for very long. But I’ve started bringing a smoothie to work with me for my break so that fills the gap perfectly! Banana, peanut butter, yogurt, pumkin and sunflower seeds and a drop of water. Easy!


  3. Martina, great post! Yes sugar is most definately our worst enemy especially in Ireland as apparently we’re are one of the highest consumers of sugar in Europe. I love your suggestions for eating chocolate in a more healthy way. Will definately be buying the cacao powder and experiment with your suggestions.

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