Healthy Snacks

So I was reading a post from mess2success about how Day 3 of a challenge is often where you fail. And I completely agree. So if you didn’t eat as healthy as you would have liked this week start again tomorrow. My mantra for the new year is to aim to be better not perfect. So instead of reaching for the muffin or chocolate at 3pm how about some healthy snacks?

My favourite snacks usually include fruit or vegetables. I try to dress them up and making it interesting because, let’s be honest celery isn’t sexy!

1 Veggies and hummus: So this is pretty simple one chop carrots or other veggies the night before (I love raw broccoli but its not to everyone’s taste!)  and store in the fridge at work.

2 Veggies and curried yogurt: I love this dip! James thought I was a lunatic making it during the week but wasn’t complaining at the end result. I use unsweetened Greek yogurt from Aldi. You can mix it up with smoked paprika or chilli if you are not a curry fan.

3 Frozen berries and Greek yogurt: Another Aldi purchase, I add cinnamon into the yogurt and if I want a chocolate hit I’ll add in a teaspoon of raw cacao powder!

4 Apple and peanut butter: I use Meridian peanut butter as its got no nasties in it. If I’m eating at work I’ll chop up the apple, add two tablespoons of peanut butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon. At home its straight from the jar onto the apple, yum!

5 Banana and peanut butter: For a more substantial or pre-gym snack you can’t go wrong with peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

So instead of filling up on sugary nutritionally void food why not spend five minutes the night before and prepare some healthy snacks for the next day. Would love to hear your favourites or variations! As always,

Stay healthy X


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