Fitness on a Budget

Hi everybody,

So if one of your resolutions was to get fit in 2016 this post is for you! I’m currently training to become a PT and as a general fitness enthusiast one of my big missions is helping people get fit no matter what their budget! So this post is dedicated to some ways you can get fit for free or under €20!

I know this sounds like a simple one, running is free! All you need is a pair of runners, sports bra (obviously for all the women!) and a road, however here is some suggestions to make it more enjoyable or to get you more motivated.
Adidas train and run can be downloaded free from the Android app store. You can set goals, design workouts and track your progress. While training you get real time coaching, telling you to speed up or slow down and your kilometre stats! This app comes with the added benefit of having a Jessica Ennis voiceover, nothing like being cheered on by an Olympic champion!
I can’t run without listening to music, Spotify is my favourite app for this! Although not free, €9.99 a month is still far cheaper than a gym membership! The best feature of Spotify is the workout mixes; from electro to Latin and reggae there is something for every taste. And Spotify matches your tempo so the music always suits your pace for extra motivation!

One of my own resolutions is to practice more yoga. I love this exercise for a strong core, upper body and lean legs. I also find it helps to focus my mind. Youtube is a treasure trove of yoga videos but there is nothing more frustrating than getting set up to find your Zen and having trouble finding a decent video. Two channels that I recommend are Fightmaster Yoga and Yoga with Adriene. Fightmaster does a series of HIIT/cardio yoga practice’s and trust me your heart will be racing! There is also a selection of more gentle videos too!

Bodyweight Circuits
This is no doubt one of my favourite ways to work out at home. There are many videos on Youtube but my go to channel is Fitness Blender. They have a range of workouts from HIIT, 1000 calorie burners and low impact beginner routines. All workouts are done with no equipment but if you are looking for an extra challenge Lidl and Aldi are selling a range of dumbbells this week. The weights vary from 1kg – 10kg and prices start from €6.99! Weights are in Aldi stores Sunday 3rd January and in Lidl Monday the 4th.
The Android app store has some free interval timers and I have used these and Spotify with my sister, Geraldine, to blast out a workout in the tiny flat! Some exercises to include are squats, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, lunges, burpees and Russian twists. We do 30 seconds work with a 15 second rest and repeat three times.

So if your resolution is to get fitter why not try some of these suggestions. What are your favourite workouts? Or playlists on Spotify?

Stay healthy X


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