Christmas Catch Up

Hi everybody,

Hope you had a good Christmas! Sorry I have been so quiet of late; working in the hospitality industry at Christmas time means lots of long shifts and late nights. James also works in a night club and so Christmas is always hectic. So how did we fair over Christmas?
We had dinner separately as is our tradition and we meet up in the evening to exchange presents! So I stayed vegetarian for the main event but didn’t cook anything special as the kitchen was already packed to capacity! I treated myself to some carefully selected cheeses for my dessert as I was skipping the Bailey’s and Malteser cheesecake. I can highly recommend the Ardsallagh Goats cheese with Cranberry and the Crozier Blue as my favourites.
So when James came out, we shared a slice of the cheesecake. It was yummy but a little sweet for us. This was just the start we fell off the band wagon big time! I came up with a great idea of a Bailey’s milkshake with a chocolate straw! It was delicious and definitely worth it as a treat.
Both of us were working St. Stephen’s night, James was back in Dublin and I was home in the Midlands! Despite being tired and slightly lazy we appeared to be back on track. James did better with an impressive turkey, sweet potatoes and broccoli dinner from Lidl. I have the snap to prove it!
On the 28th I had my sister’s birthday dinner to go to and managed to chose a vegetarian dish at the local Chinese and stuck to Gin and Tonics for the drinks! I even managed to convince my sisters to forgo chipper food and have cheese and crackers once we were home! Result!
Back in Dublin I prepared some mixed bean stew and quinoa for long wedding shifts. This worked well but was so hungry after a 13 hour shift I stopped in a chipper and treated myself and James to a falafel wrap and a grilled chicken burger respectively.
So back home for New Year’s day our will power was waning massively! Both of us had dessert and once cuddled up on the couch the munchies were calling us! We had Pringles, jellies and chocolates. So overall not a bad Christmas for our healthy lifestyle. And today is a new day and a chance to eat healthy and get back into a routine. I’ll be posting a blog later for anyone who is trying to get fit on a budget, no gym membership required! Till then……

Stay healthy X


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