Week Three

Hi Everybody,

So this week has been a disaster! We went for Jo Burger on Wednesday night and blew our date night budget, James got 500g of beef to keep him happy. I went half the cow and a modest 250g burger. Not so bad as its all homemade we didn’t use sauce with the sweet potato fries so that saved us a bit on the sugar stakes!

We ventured to our local Tesco in search of some dessert and ended up with two chocolate oozy puddings you do in the microwave. I normally steer clear of these but its date night! I can honestly say I didn’t enjoy mine at all. Maybe it was too dry but I’m putting it down to getting used to no sugar. I had found a recipe for chai chia breakfast pudding, trying saying that quickly, and decided to try it on Thursday morning. So preparing the seeds on Wednesday night I was getting pretty excited till the recipe said “cut open the teabag and pour in the contents”. Hmmmmm seemed pretty strange but I’m all for trying new recipes. The next morning I was pure excited, took out the bowl of prepared chia and tucked straight in. Well, it was terrible! I ate it all because I hate waste but its definitely one recipe I wont be posting!

We had Kiwi friends staying with us from Thursday to Sunday and lets say they weren’t the only ones on holiday! So they arrived and despite my best efforts James really didn’t do well. He had Burger King on Friday night after work, I know shocker! But he is a big guy and takes some feeding so when we are not organised it’s quantity over quality with him. I managed a little better having made a batch of spicy bean stew and lentils last week and just defrosted it as I needed it.

Holland and Barrett had a sale on last week so got quinoa and some Meridian peanut butter for just over €10. Green apples and peanut butter are one of my favourite snacks. I love adding peanut butter to almost anything! Quinoa is really easy as it can be eaten savoury or sweet and cooks in about 15 minutes. I cooked up a huge batch of this on Friday and kept it in the fridge over the weekend. Quinoa is super handy to replace carbohydrates in a meal and its an essential protein. Cooked quinoa, chia and lentils can all be kept in the fridge for up to a week. So handy when you need to throw a lunch box meal together. I have a real problem around 3-4pm when I feel I cannot funcion any more! Snacking is the only way to get through this. As your body gets used to life without sugar it takes time for your appetite to regulate itself and you can feel hypoglycemic particularly in the afternoon. In addition to apple and peanut butter, greek yogurt and frozen berries, rice cakes and peanut butter, hard boiled eggs or raw veg and hummus can fill the void.

So almost back to normal now, James has two exams left and I’m kept busy with work right up till Christmas Eve. I absolutely adore mince pies and it’s the one food I look forward to every Christmas. So I have been doing some research on sugar free Christmas treats so I’ll hopefully have some recipes to share next week. In the mean time stay healthy X




3 thoughts on “Week Three

  1. Just FYI, quinoa is super cheap in Tesco (often half price too) and I found a new peanut butter that has no extras added, that’s cheaper and, IMO, nicer than Meridian. It’s called Pure and I got it in the protein supplement shop in the Ilac centre for €4 for 500g.

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