Week Two

Hi everybody,

So most of you students will know; it’s exam time! So the next couple of weeks are going to be a real challenge for James! The emergency supply of chocolate has disappeared again but replaced with cacao powder this time. I’m going to try make some some raw energy balls or snacks to keep him sugar free.

The biggest challenge with living healthy on a budget is the initial cost. Buying kitchen equipment, ingredients and spices is quite expensive. I find most health food cookbooks require a food processor so I will definitely looking out for one of those in the January sales.

Unfortunately I’ve had a terrible week. The roster changed so worked two extra days. Then crashed my bike on Sunday so was feeling very sorry for myself. Hot chocolate fixes everything right? So we decided to experiment with chocolate whey powder to make them! The end result can only be described as chocolate smelling cottage cheese! This lead to a short cycle to the garage down the road and a chocolate chip cookie binge.

But back on track we’ve had a relatively sugar free healthy week! I made my flourless pancakes as a treat breakfast this week and I’ll post the recipe too. Let me know how your week went, how do you cope with exams or study?

Till next week, stay healthy X


One thought on “Week Two

  1. You poor thing! I have a Nutribullet that I use as a food processor so maybe look into getting one of those in the January sales, they are a bit cheaper and smaller than the bigger food processors! Would love to see what your recipe is for the energy balls!


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