Week One

So progress report on our sugar journey! This week we’ve had two date nights, normally on Fridays but because of work it was last Wednesday and last night! Lucky me! We tried to stay sugar free but allowing ourselves a bit of fun too! We had dark chocolate covered strawberries after a long walk in town on Wednesday. Yummy! And last night I tried, but failed, to make almost sugar free chocolate chip cookies! James, the cookie connoisseur, gave them a meh rating, accompanied with comments on their texture, colour and flavour. He takes this very seriously! I’ll post pictures and the recipe but be warned, serious cookie fiends might not be impressed! Also if you are following strict guidelines it does include two bananas which are high fructose fruits.

So on with the serious business, how did we actually do?? Not too bad actually! James was surprised to mostly stick with the plan, no fizzy drinks and he passed up his ritual of chocolate milk post match on Sunday. He did however demolish our emergency supply of 85% dark chocolate in one afternoon study session!

We headed for a coffee on Monday, James normally has a hot chocolate in cafes, so we continued our quest for sugar free alternatives. We found ourselves in 250 square in Rathmines. This place roasts and blends their own beans, I was mega excited! James decided on an iced coffee and I went for my usual flat white. While ordering I was looking at the brownies an old habit from our sugar filled days! But I was pleasantly surprised to find out they were paleo, so no sugar. Result! I will definitely be returning here!

I faired better, being back to work on Thursday meant I prepared salads, fruit and breakfasts in advance. I did have a weak moment on Thursday, after a 12 hour day and had a takeaway and another on Sunday after another long day.

So week one down, definitely learned loads this week. We need to be more prepared to avoid the takeaway temptation and I also need to research more snack options! The emergency supply has been restocked but I think I’ll have to find a new hiding place

So looking forward to next week and no doubt new challenges!
Stay healthy X


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